Pool Reporter Notes – 11 AM Event at Pulse

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Now, a reading of the names as rain drops fall.


Teresa Jacobs:

“as I reflect on the events of last night and today I am reminded of the miraculous ability of love. its amazing. the more you give the most you have. you more you give the more you get.”

“I’ve never seen any community in the world that has the love that this community.”


Buddy Dyer, cheers as he took the stage:

“a year ago today … I had to do the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my professional life.” Tell Orlando 49 people had died at Pulse.

“this morning we return to Pulse. our community returns to pulse. the world’s attention at least for a moment returns to Pulse. but we are not here to relive the horror of that day. we are not here to relive of that day. we are here for a far greater purpose we are hear to remember the innocent lives that were lost. we are here to honor them.”


Val Demings:

“hate walked onto this property and went to work. what I will remember most though is the patrons who … risked their own lives to shield others, to help others, and to move to a place of a safety. what I will remember most are the first responders, the medical and emergency personal whose training and courage was tested that night and who rose to the occasion through unbelievable circumstances.’’


Stephanie Murphy –

“this site represents a terrible tragedy but it also represents triumph and hope.”

“may we all keep dancing.”

Orlando Gay Chorus performing, True Colors.


Orlando Gay Chorus performing.

Barbara Poma:

“today marks a year from the darkest moment of my life.”

“there is no disputing the pain we’ve all endured. people have asked me what has changed in my life. I tell them everything. and I think I speak for all of us. we are al changed. I have experienced so much love hope and inspiration in the past year I have seen hearts changed. I have seen people be kinder and I have seen the community joined together”

“I have also seen mother’s broken hears. … and just how such trauma can affect every day life.”


Barbara Poma:


“I miss Pulse. I miss everything it stood for. I miss serving the LGBTQ community and our Latin community in a way only a gay bar can.”


Hundreds inside the Pulse gates for 11 a.m. ceremony, about to begin.


More arriving: Val Demings. Bill Nelson. Buddy Dyer. Stephanie Murphy.


Security searching bags on the way in.

Seats filling up inside the Pulse gates. Sheriff Demings is here. First responders and medical providers. Survivors and family members. String musicians are providing music on a stage. Angels are on either side of the stage.

Beside the Pulse door are 49 heart shaped wreaths of white flowers, each labeled with a different name. Beneath the wreaths is an alter of white candles.

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