Vigil for Deputy Scott Pine

The Central Florida Media committee attended a logistical meeting for the vigil marking the one year anniversary of the fatal shooting of Deputy Scott Pine.

Attached is a program with the expected speakers with a map of the gated community where the ceremony will be held on Wednesday February 11, 2015 at 5:45 PM ET.

 Please find the following information:

Approximately 200 invited guests are expected – the ceremony is not open to the public

  • The community will be revealing memorial during the ceremony
  • TV Trucks should plan to be parked no later than 5 PM ET
  • All media will be directed to the parking area set aside for media by Orange County Deputies
  • An area has been setup for television cameras – the approx. cable run is 500 feet from the ENG truck parking area.
  • An audio mult-box will be setup in the designated camera staging area.
  • TV trucks should expect delays in exited the area when the program in complete
  • The media should be prepared to light the stage and presentation area as necessary. Since it is a candlelight vigil stations may wish to direct a light towards the stage.


Pine Vigil Info