FLORIDA vs Bradley Brandon Lee – FAQ’s

Please find an updated list of frequently asked questions (FAQ) regarding media logistics related to the case of the State of Florida vs Bradley Brandon Lee.  The status of this information on this page is being updated when it is confirmed: (Updated 2/16/2014)

The trial of the State of Florida vs Bradley Brandon Lee (Case:05-2012-CF-035337-AXXX-XX) is scheduled to begin with jury selection on Monday February 24, 2014 in courtroom 4-A of the Harry T. and Harriette V. Moore Justice Center 2825 Judge Fran Jamieson Way Viera, FL 32940-8006.  Case history & status (Click Case Outcome for more information & documents)

Administrative Order 12-35 – was filed with the clerk on October 25, 2012 and provides the administrative rules and policies regarding the media in high profile cases. Details regarding the resources and access for journalists permitted under Administrative Order 12-35 are defined below:

Media Credentials – The court will be assign daily media credentials to journalists from media outlets recognized by the court. Journalists must wear photo identification issued by their organization when working on courthouse property.

Satellite Truck & Media Parking: Limited satellite and microwave truck and parking is available in the designated truck parking area in the designated truck parking area in the Northwest corner of the courthouse grounds.   This is the only location in which television (SD-SDI digital & NTSC analog) and analog audio feeds will be made available.  Journalists must have credentials provided by their organization for access to this designated work area. No shore power will be provided in the truck parking area.   Restricted items are: risers or staging over 36 inches, speakers, electronic sign boards.

Television Pool – The pool feed will be staffed by a rotation of television photographers from the 5 Orlando television stations: Pool rotation schedule: Monday: WFTV, Tuesday: WOFL, Wednesday: CFN13, Thursday: WKMG, Friday: WESH

Each station will be assigned a day to provide a camera operator with a tripod and ENG camera capable of outputting a SD-SDI signal.    The court has approved 2 television cameras to be used in courtroom 4-A. One camera will be manned camera ENG camera on a tripod shooting from the designated media section.  The other camera will be a robotic camera installed in a location approved by the court.  The pool photographer mat chose to select the robotic camera to provide alternative views from the front of the courtroom facing the participants and gallery. The robotic camera has four preset shots which are selected by a handheld remote control.  The robotic camera will be installed in a manner to make sure it could never show the jury due operator error or a mechanical failure.  The audio will be captured from a microphone attached to a courtroom speaker.  The Central Florida Media Committee is working to secure an alternative method to capture courtroom audio.

Television Pool Feed Distribution – The mixed feed will be captured and distributed in standard definition 16:9 widescreen.  The mixed camera feed will travel via a video cable to the roof of the courthouse where it will be transmitted via 2 GHz microwave to the external feed distribution point in the live truck parking area.  The microwave signal will be pointing from the roof of the Brevard County Courthouse from a Vislink PTX-PRO on 2 GHz Channel 8 with the identifier SD Pool.

Jury Selection – Jury selection is scheduled to begin on Monday February 24, 2014 and will be produced by the television and still pool and distributed via the television distribution system and the sharing of images via Twitter and FTP sites.

Main Courtroom Journalists of organizations with assigned seating may use tablet computers or iPad’s with virtual or silent keyboard.  Journalists may not bring still cameras or use the still or video camera function of their tablet computer devices.  Electrical power will not be provided so journalists should plan to bring external battery devices if they are concerned with the battery life of their devices.

Media Workroom – There is no media workroom or overflow room in the Brevard County Harry T. and Harriette V. Moore Justice Center.

Twitter Feeds – The Central Florida Media Committee will make notification of media related information related to logistics for media operations on the CFLmedia Twitter page @CFLmedia.  Michelle Kennedy, Public Information Officer for the Eighteenth Judicial Circuit will provide alerts to the media on matters related to the court and the case at the following Twitter feed @PIOFLCourts18.  The Florida Today newspaper will serve as the still photo pool, photos will be posted on the newspapers Twitter page @Florida_Today. Pool photos captured in the courtroom may be used with following photo credit: Pool Photo – Florida Today

Public Seating in the Courtroom – TBA

Public Document Access: Scott Ellis, Brevard County Clerk of the Court will post ALL the public documents related to the webpage Case history & status (Click Case Outcome for more information & documents). The documents can be downloaded or viewed online. This includes all the Administrative Orders, Judicial Orders, plus those documents that have been released by the Clerk’s Office. As other documents related to the trial become public, they will be uploaded to this site.

Live Stream – A live web stream is not available as part of the pool.  The following Orlando outlets may stream the court feed.  WESH, WKMG, WFTV, WOFL, CFN 13, Florida Today Newspaper

Media Photography of Evidence – The television and still photo pool will have an opportunity to photograph evidence entered from the previous day before court resumes the following day as time and resources allow.