ADVISORY – Final Pretrial Reminders

Assembly Areas:
Administrative Order 12-35 has been issued governing the designated media areas and the assembly areas.  As part of the AO a media area has been established in front of the courthouse to allow photographers  access to photograph people entering and leaving the courthouse. Camera crews should not approach people entering or leaving the courthouse doors and should stay within the area provided for the media.  Please review the guidelines for photography in this area.

On Site Distribution:
The pool trailer will be unlocked at 7:30 AM for on site distribution

All journalists should use the media parking lot south of the courthouse complex. The spaces used today outside of the designated media areas by some journalists are reserved for court admin workers and the public.  Journalists should expect to be directed to the media lot and/or asked to move if parked in the wrong area. Parking passes will be distributed on site and will be enforced once all media outlets have received passes. Please write an emergency contact phone number on the parking pass.  A parking pass does not grant access to events in courtroom 1B or 5D.

Pool HD Satellite Coordinates:
Week 1 (June 10-14) ABC Network
HD 720p
Galaxy 17 / K12G MPEG4
Downlink: 11955V
Data: 8.865036
FEC: ¾
Symbol: 3.9787
Bandwidth: 5.0 MHZ

Press Conferences:
A podium has been placed in courtroom 1B should parties connected to the trial wish to speak to the media.  The press conferences will be shot with a HD pool video camera and distributed on the satellite pool feed and on the local distribution network.  Audio and video connections of the press conferences will be provided to electronic media not established in the parking lot or overflow parking lot.  The press conference area of courtroom 1B will be available for one hour after court concludes for the day.

Safety & Security:
The Seminole County Sheriff will be providing a heightened state of safety and security in and around the courthouse property.  Please drive carefully and expect delays in and out of the courthouse complex.

Journalists working in courtroom 1B and 5D may access the media wifi by selecting network: CFMG Password: goodnews

Thanks to all for their assistance and cooperation.  On behalf of all of the members of the Central Florida Media Committee we appreciate everyone’s input and support..

Please monitor media related updates on Twitter: cflmedia
and expanded information at

Dave Sirak
Central Florida Media Committee