ADVISORY – Assigned Media Locations Open – May 31st Hearing

Media Outlets with assigned locations in the parking lot may begin to park and place equipment on Friday May 31, 2013.  The media areas will be marked off with orange cones.
The Central Florida Media Committee met with representatives of Seminole County Fire/Rescue today (5/29) and presented the site plan.  As media outlets begin to place equipment and park trucks in assigned locations they should expect to be inspected by the Seminole County Fire Marshall.

After our meeting today we received the following information regarding permits:

Tents larger than 200 square feet (10’X20′) will require a permit.  Tent permits can usually be obtained from the tent vendor.

Equipment and vehicles that can be plugged in using connectors will not require a permit as long and the connections appear in good condition.

Equipment and vehicles requiring a direct bare wire connection will most likely require a permit and connection from an electrician. Generator vendors can assist you in hiring the services of an electrician and permitting.

Journalists should begin parking personal and crew vehicles in the overflow parking lot to the South of the Seminole County Criminal Justice Center immediately.  Journalists may be turned away from public parking during peak times.Outdoor press conferences following future hearings will be staged in the designated media area East of the circle (towards the Hwy 17/92).  It is possible the press conference feed may be available for distribution from the pool trailer.  Broadcast media outlets working in the parking lot and overflow areas should plan to take 2 feeds from the pool trailer.  One feed will be provided of the courtroom feed, the other will be from the press conferences planned to be staged in courtroom 1B during the trial.  Feeds will be availble in HD 1080i or SD 480 via SDI connections with embedded audio.  No analog video or audio feeds will be made available in the parking lot media areas.As stated in previous emails, media outlets with assigned locations in the parking lot should begin operating from them immediately.  Media outlets not assigned locations in the parking lot should use the daily live truck parking areas in the overflow lot.
We are monitoring the status of the hearing related to the medias right to photograph jurors planned for Friday May 31, 2013 scheduled for 1:30 PM.  As of this advisory there is no pool TV coverage planned for this hearing.  We do expect the provide pool coverage of the hearing scheduled for June 6 & 7.


Dave Sirak